The British Millinery Association CIC (BMA) is here to “protect, preserve, conserve and improve the craft of millinery, including but not exclusively, by providing education and other support services and events for milliners and other persons engaged in the craft of millinery.” (The British Millinery Association CIC Articles of Incorporation #5, page 5)

Our motto is “Connecting, Educating, Celebrating & Inspiring” and that’s exactly what we’re here to do.



The BMA is led by an Ambassador board who make decisions and set goals and strategy in the best interests of our membership with a view to long-term sustainability and success.

The board is guided by a robust constitution and established best-practice organisational policies in the areas of: Financial Controls and Delegated Authorities; Data Protection; Directors’ Code of Conduct; Directors’ Conflicts of Interest; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Sustainability; Harassment and Bullying; Health and Safety; Whistleblowing; and Complaints.

Led by an Ambassador Chair, the board delegates management of Finances, Member Relations, Education, and CIC Compliance to specific Ambassador roles and committees.  Ambassadors are selected by the membership in an annual online vote for a 3-year term (an Ambassador can serve up to three consecutive terms). Following formation in 2021 and registration in 2022, the first Ambassadors vote will occur in Autumn 2023.  Ambassadors have the option to appoint additional members (not to exceed 33% of the board) based on the board’s needs at any given time. This selection may focus on specific skills, diversity, stakeholder representation or other articulated factors.  At all times, more than half the Ambassadors must reside in the United Kingdom.

In addition to choosing or dismissing Ambassadors, BMA members are required to endorse constitutional changes, special resolutions or the appointment of an auditor.

Membership input and feedback guides everything we do – we constantly seek this in formal and informal ways. In 2022, we established a Members Advisory Group made up of BMA members with diverse millinery backgrounds. This group meets regularly to provide input on all BMA plans, offerings and goals. Having this regular, direct member input at our planning table  is invaluable!

There are no shareholders or owners at the BMA CIC. All assets and income are invested back into the association for the benefit of our membership.



Professional associations do not typically qualify as charities in the UK. However, we are a registered Community Interest Company (CIC) Limited by Guarantee, which is close!



A CIC is a company which exists primarily to benefit a community or pursue a social purpose, rather than to make a profit for shareholders. That community benefit needs to be clearly stated and confirmed annually. CICs also have an ‘asset lock’, namely a legal promise that states the company’s assets will only be used to benefit the community it seeks to serve.

Bringing benefit to our members has always been our top priority and this type of company registration and structure makes this official, permanently.

We welcome all members (and potential members!) to contact us any time with questions, suggestions and feedback at

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